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Future Partners 

Do you want to know how The Real Spanish Mediterranean tradition  Tastes?

Upgrade your product range with our Preserved roasted vegetables. 

Take advantage of our real fire traditional oven and its unique tastes  given by the olive wood.


We manipulate, process, roast and preserve pasteurizing or sterilizing using no additives seasonal vegetables (conventional and organic), and we pack them with care in jars, cans or plastic trays, retail and industry sizes.


We are specialized in the artisan elaboration of vegetables like peppers, artichokes, aubergines and jalapenos, all fresh and local grown preserving them in brine, olive oil, marinated, in vinegar, or any other dressing you propose, we are happy to develop products and recipes for our clients, with the twist smoky flavor.


We can offer you our products under Private Label or own brand Alkacil, both produced under strict quality IFS standards.

In essence, traditional elaboration, artisan methods, local vegetables and quality produce for a Gourmet high value perception product at manufacturers price…

Would you like to have a taste??

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