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Agro-Larrosa is a family run business created in 1989, beginning its activity as a supplier of fresh manipulated vegetables  for the canning and frozen local food industry.

With the second generation and after 20 years in the business Larrosa family decides to implement their own canning line with the peculiarity of using apart of actual technology a traditional fire wood oven, which will give the identity to our products through our unique Agrolarrosa flavor.

We are located in the heart of the Murcian orchard, surrounded by vegetable fields, guaranteeing fresh produce, complete traceability with the least transport contamination costs. 


Proud to have you as a client

Thank you for trusting US !

In addition to being present in many stores around the region we are proud to count among our customers as well known firms as:

Logo Corporativo Alkacil
Corte Inglés
Orgullosos de teneros como clientes

Our Brand

! Agrolarrosa GROUP presents ALKÄCIL !

Representing the Murcian tradition. 


Ask for us in your trusted establishment.


And now also BIO!

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Very appreciated in between our customers. Recovering flavours with every bite.

Nuestra Marca

Quality & Environment

! Let's take care of our planet !

Since 2019 we work under IFS standards, controlling the complete process , from raw material to packaging .

 We are partners of the National Canning Technology Center (CTC)  based in Molina de Segura, where we carry out numerous external controls to guarantee the safety of our products.

Currently we have the certification issued by "The Consejo de Agricultura Ecológica de la Region de Murcia (Caerm)", wich is the  public authority that certifies the organic producers in our region, which allows us to manufacture and commercialize organic preserves. 


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We are a company committed to the environment,  we have installed a photovoltaic solar panel plant system on the roof of our warehouses. We have programs to reduce water consumption and reuse waste, which helps us to contribute to the sustainability of our local environment.

Calidad & Medio Ambiente

Subsidy from the Instituto de Fomento de la Región de Murcia.

In collaboration with the European Union !

AGROLARROSA has received a grant from the Instituto de Fomento de la Región de Murcia, in collaboration with the European Union, to help us in our international expansion project.

We are grateful for the support that INFO offers to the companies so that these can continue their growth.


"A way of making Europe"

European Regional Development Fund

Política de Empresa

Company Policy

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